Introducing Fall 2020 Eboard!

Manusri Viswanathan
Pictured (left to right): Keenan Ganz, Neha Deshpande, Sai Avula, Alexis Joseph

Introducing our new Fall 2020 Eboard! :)

President - Keenan Ganz

Keenan Ganz is a junior Environmental Science major at RPI. His interests in computer science center on using data science for conservation applications. With coding&&community, Keenan wants to develop new programs for underrepresented students at RPI and to help high school students in the capital region prepare for the AP CS exam.

Vice President - Neha Deshpande

Neha Deshpande is a sophomore Computer Science major at RPI. In addition to programming, she enjoys playing flute and cooking! As vice president of coding&&community, she hopes to help make computer science education accessible to everyone, both locally and globally.

Secretary - Sai Avula

Sai Avula is a sophomore Computer Science major at RPI. His CS interests include apps, AI, and CS accessibility and education.

Treasurer - Alexis Joseph

Alexis Joseph is a senior Computer Science and Information Technology & Web Science Dual Major. Her interests in CS are AI and diversity in tech. She is excited to serve as CC's new treasurer!

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